[MMO / IM email swipes] I test the potential with a REAL experiment - results included


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I don’t know if you saw my mail yesterday but, as I thought it was such a good offer, I wanted to let you know about the offer again along with the results of a little experiment I did.

I had been given a review copy of the case study and so I thought it would be a jolly wheeze to test out the claims made.

I wanted to see if it REALLY was possible to set it up and get it working with no list and all in a matter of minutes.

So I set things up according to the instructions, using a couple of squeeze pages I had…

(the package actually supplies you with various lead magnets and squeeze pages if you don’t have anything to offer.)

…I then invested $6 for the very basic traffic package.

And then I did bugger all.

I know of ways I could easily have vastly increased the results, but I wanted this to be a true test of what was on offer.

A true reflection of what a new marketer with limited knowledge and resources might experience.

I then reviewed the results after just 24 hours.

In that small window, I gained 19 brand new subscribers.

I know, not huge numbers, but remember it took me all of 5 minutes to set up, it cost me just $6 AND it was only 24 hours after setting things up.

So even if I had not gained any more subscribers, the ones I had, had only cost me $0.31.

In other words, at this early stage, I had subscribers at much less a cost than if I had purchased a solo ad (I would be paying approx. $0.50 per click for a solo)

In the end, due to getting involved in other things, I must admit I did forget to monitor the remaining results that closely.

However I do know, at the VERY least I got 28 new subscribers AND, I made a small sale ($2.97).

So that works out at 28 new targeted subscribers to my list for a net cost of $3.03 (which I work out at being just under $0.11 per subscriber.)

Believe me, this IS well worth looking into, whether you have been around the block a few times or are in your first flush of IM life.


Remember the results I have here is using the most basic approach possible, in other words totally hands-off once I had set things up.

I know there are things I could have done to improve even these decent figures.

So if you do get the case study and you want help in getting the maximum results I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Have a great day.

All the best