[MMO / IM email swipes] New RARE BONUS Added [can't get this anywhere else]


Staff member
Since I released Ultimate 2018 Gameplan the other day (now closed), a few
people have asked me where they can get the gameplan that came before that

I'm talking about the 2017 gameplan...

Honestly, it's ALMOST as good as the Ultimate 2018 Gameplan.

And it's no longer on the market.

You can't get it anywhere, for any amount.

But when you pick up my pal Jonathan Mizel's new solo ad training through
my link below, I'm going to toss it in as a bonus.

I've added my bonus to JVZoo, so this means when you go to download Mizel's
training, you'll see my bonus there:


Jason "Bonus Mayhem" Parker

P.S. If you already picked up Mizel's solo ad training through my link
yesterday, then login to JVZoo and you'll see my bonus sitting there along
side the solo ad training.