[MMO / IM email swipes] The Power Of Empty Pockets


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Do you know what?

One of the most damaging things that can
happen to a person, is for them never to
experience empty pockets.

They go their entire lives with a normal job.
They get tiny raises that keep them there.
They always make ends meet. With just a little left over.
Their bank account always has a few thousand bucks in it.
Their credit score is average.
They drive a normal sedan.
They live in a normal apartment.
They have a normal life.

Can I tell you something? Living a comfortable life
...thinking everything is going OK...is dangerous.

The truth is: You are one hospital bill...one car accident
t...one lay-off...one roof repair...one identity theft away
...from BANKRUPT

Let's be honest for a moment.

Sometimes, the hardest people to convince are
in need of a change, are those who think they
are getting along just fine.

According to the Federal Reserve:
"46% of Americans cannot cover
a $400 expense without going into debt."

Go ahead and read that again.

4 in 10, couldn't cover a single root canal.
4 in 10 couldn't cover a fender bender.
4 in 10 couldn't replace their cell phone.

If that's you, you aren't just "doing OK"

You're broke. And its a shame your
bank account hasn't been overdrawn yet.

Because you aren't scared enough about
how dangerous your situation is.

You've never been afraid of knowing
where your next meal will come from.

You've never slept in your car, or had
your power turned off or been evicted.

You don't realize how close you are to
being in exactly that situation.

The truth is...for some of us... there was
something beautiful about having empty pockets.

Because it was the first time we had to stop
and take an inventory of our lives.

It was the first time we realized how close
we were cutting it day to day.

It was the first time we realized it wasn't
enough to just work hard and hope
for the best.

It was the first time we decided it was
time to change...

And we did something about it.

But we can't experience that moment for you.

That's something some of you have to decide
for yourself.

And when you do...

We will be here to help.

If You Are Ready To Change Your Life Click Here

We will be with you every step of the way.

And Congratulations, on making a life
decision you can be proud of.