[MMO / IM email swipes] The secret to making FAST sales with Solo ads


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Necessity rules the world.

People rarely act, unless compelled to.

Most people are so subjective, that nothing really interests them but themselves.

Which is why inviting a person (even if financially and mentally qualified) who hasn't been pushed outside their comfort zone to join your business opportunity is a waste of your time.

They might listen.

But their mind is off wondering about the latest Game of Thrones episode.

Your pitch simply falls on deaf ears.

No matter what you do.
No matter how good your offer is.
No matter how "professional" your landing page is.


Focus all your marketing on "uncomfortable" prospects who've been pushed outside their comfort zone.

This is when they're most receptive.
This is when they're desperate for solutions.
This is when money isn't an issue.

And this is when you're least likely to appear a "salesman," because you bring good news in a form of a solution to their problem.

Which they desperately need right now.

You're no longer an enemy.

You're a guest... an ally... a brother (sister)!

Makes sense?


Next up...

Where do these "uncomfortable" prospects hang out and how to best get to them without killing yourself in the process?