[Solo Ad Buyers] Weekly Ranking 03/04/2019-03/10/2019


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Top 5 Sellers in Solo ads Business

Here are top 5 sellers for the week by investigation on Facebook:

1. Matija Balantic is industry leading solo ad traffic provider and affiliate marketer in Home Business, Make Money Online and Personal Development Niches, product creator and coach. He started his first online business way back in 2010. He is founder and creator of The Solo Ad Lifestyle. He helped hundreds of people to start a profitable home-based business with sharing his proven practices. He mentored 15 entrepreneurs to build their online business to 6 figures per year. Over 1,000 monthly clients use his real human targeted traffic to build, grow and scale their online businesses with email marketing.

2. Zaidi Ali is a Product Manager, who lives in Kuantan, he has a lot of sales testimonials and no just solo ads, also CB testimonials, Zaidi is the guy who doesn't talk too much, he just drops and you know he's gonna do it! He is very proactive and a pleasure to work with him. :)As easy and simple as it can be. People say that he has fast responsive traffic, Opt-in Rate more than 52%, Tier 1: 90%. Very recommended seller!

3. Michael Kyle, calls himself Internet Marketer, Solo ad Provider, Business Coach, and pretty cool dude. Michael is the third on the list by testimonials, he is super professional, very pleasant to work with him and he always tries to find ways to go above and beyond. He has the highest Opt-in rate, a lot of sales, also can delivery 100% Tier USA. List size of Michael is 420.000, daily fresh new leads 800-1000. High recommended!

4. Jasdeep Singh Jandu is an Entrepreneur and paid Traffic Expert, from London. Since 2014 in this business, over 3000 satisfied clients and 1.3 million clicks delivered, very honest seller good responsive traffic, over 95% Top tier, many many sales. People say that he has consistently provided great traffic. After all, this seller has lots of video testimonials and great official page. High-quality traffic – recommended!

5. Alessandro Sierra works at Solo Advertising, Entrepreneur in Internet Marketing from Italy, he has 950+ positive testimonials collected since November 2013. 100% SOLO ADS TRAFFIC targeted for MMO/MLM/IM/Biz Opp products, great conversion rate, at least 85% T1 and minimum 10% over-delivery. Very kind person, excellent communication, easy deal with Alessandro, brilliant service, a great and sweet solo seller with large experience who never let you down!
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