[Solo Ad Sellers] Weekly Ranking 04/08/2019-04/14/2019


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Here are top 5 sellers for the week by an investigation on Facebook:

1. Billy Montes is marketer from Waco, Texas. He's been in online marketing for several years. His goal in the marketplace is to provide the highest quality of service to anyone who comes across his website. His lists convert over 91% Tier1 and people says that they got a minimum of two sales from his list. On his blog, he helps people to make more money online and discover new business opportunities. Very recommended seller!
Link: https://billymontes.com

2. Abhishek Kumar Pandey is also an internet marketer and traffic vendor in early 2018. He has good testimonials, people say that Abhishek is very professional very polite, with great communication, always has fresh and quality traffic. Good sales too.
Hi is recommended as the best quality traffic!
Link: http://soloadsexpert.com

3. Micke Karlsson is an internet marketer, from Stockholm, Sweden, he was in the solo ads business for two years as a vendor. He sells all solos, you can ask for 90-100% Tier 1. He has a very active list of subscribers and expanding daily ( up to 3000+ subs./day). A lot of sales from his list. Good delivery within the promised time frame.
Micke is a very responsive seller!
Link: .http://www.mickesoloads.com

4. Demian Verhagen is online marketer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Demian has a small community group for everyone interested in building an online (automated) income. Testimonials says: Optin Rate: 34%,Tier 1: 93%. People say that they have brilliant communication with Demian and advice on improvements to the funnel. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended!
Link: https://www.facebook.com/demian.voorhagen

5. Robert Harrison is solo ad seller from Denver, Colorado, who consistently provide high volumes of good traffic, Optin Rate: 57.3%, Tier1: 90.4%, a lot of sales, clients are very satisfied with his excellent traffic, high opt-ins, fast speed. Robert is also recommended for a partner to click banking.
Highly recommended reliable seller!
Link: http://robertsoloads.com/