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I bought a solo ad from Brandon Sean for 100 clicks at $40. I must say that I am very much impressed with his service. At first, I was unable to track my clicks but this guy helped me out in every step. He had the patience to answer all my questions and clear my doubts. He also gave some really cool advice on internet marketing. Since I messed up my tracking information, he sent me over additional traffic.

I ordered 100 clicks and received 115 along with 40% opt-in. Brandon is a friendly guy to work with. He is also a very good communicator and once I get double opt-in, I am going to work with him again. I am happy to have used his service as I could generate a lot of leads in just a day’s time. it’s because of this guy that I also got a sale. I must say that he has got a pretty good run. It is totally worth working with him again.

I got a sale and all thanks to him. After using his service, I received high-quality traffic and good opt-ins. I would recommend everyone to work with Brandon.

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