Why create e-mail list via solo ads?


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Why create e-mail list via solo ads?

Marketing is a very essential part of any brand or business and one of the latest methods to grow out an email list is solo ads. These are basically the fastest way to build your email list. Businesses all over the world spend a lot of money, around millions and millions, just to get their service, brand or product in front of potential customers and it's not just for Google's SEO.

What are Solo Ads?

Everything nowadays is digitized and most of the marketing campaigns which were done using physical props in days gone by have been channeled towards online marketing using Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and so on. Another one among them is the solo ads. The list of well targeted and highly relevant email subscribers is basically being rented by you so that you don't have to spend years of energy and money on building up your own list before seeing any form of return on the investment.
So here, you are like an advertiser who is paying for endorsement on a popular channel. This will ensure that your product remains front and center of a loyal audience using a very well crafted email.

How To Get Started With Solo Ads and Email Lists?
  • Here's how you should not begin- with cheap ads. There are plenty of places where you can get about 10,000 emails for around $5 but with such little investment and research, you also won't be making much money back on that. This is because such cheap solo ad providers often make their lists by scraping emails. Here the audiences themselves haven't opted in and have no such buyer intent, so they will likely see your email as just another spam mail which crowds their inbox.
  • So, the first step in creating an email list is to spend some money. Then find the right list to rent. You can do this by scouring the whole internet for influencers who are in your niche of business and pitch your idea to them directly. Apart from this, there are also a lot of solo ad agencies which have a very streamlined process for getting your brand to the absolute targeted, top quality audiences. Always remember that no matter how you got that list, you can use that to not just sell your services or products, but you can use it to make your own list. For this, drive traffic to a squeeze page so that it will help you in doubling your return on investment by selling your stuff but also retarget the future products there.

  • The second step is to always remember that the money is in your email list. If you have a huge list with a lot of loyal subscribers then there are a lot of ways of making money. Solo Ad Swaps are also one such way. There are a lot of solo ad campaigns which cost more than hundreds of dollars and purchasing solo ads isn't popular with everyone. This is why swapping ads with another marketer is a way many opt for. You can sign up for unlimited swipes, multiple swipes, sell solo mailings and more.
How can you build a large audience and email list while also minimizing the risk?

There are three simple steps:
  • Target: The people in the email list are interested in your brand or the area you specialize in. This interest is fickle and can be broken from a few spams or useless emails. You need to target your audience by sending them well-crafted emails which state your purpose and your brand before you state your product. When you gain trust and target a niche audience repeatedly, then they settle into your email list.
  • Cultivate: After targeting the type of people who you want to be part of your email lists (by sorting out their preferences and sometimes tailoring your content accordingly), you will need to cultivate the audience and engage them in your work.
  • Convert: Remember that audience interest in your brand is fickle, you have to slowly groom your audience by providing the content you need to sell, but packaged in a way which they want to read and accept it as. Make sure to reply to queries and set up an autoresponder which will greet the customers. Choose the message of your autoresponder well or it may just destroy all your hard work.
How To Create Effective Solo Ads?

If you have determined that creating solo ads is the right path for your business then the next step is to create an effective one.

Use a Strong Subject Line

The subject line matters a lot while writing any email because people can opt to read or not read your email based on that. A catchy and strong subject line is an absolute must. Here the mantra is- The shorter, the better. A concise, interesting and appealing line will entice readers. Think about what you are offering a product to them and craft a subject line which will make readers curious.

Use Basic Sales

In regards to sales copy, there are some things which you have to include. First of all, you will have to identify the main points of the audience by pointing out the issues which your product will solve for them. Now you will have to show them what is lacking in their current solutions and why they won't work. At the end pitch your service in regards to how it solves your problem better than the others.

Use appropriate Voice

Remember that no two audiences are alike and so you should tailor the voice according to the people you are writing to. For this ask a few questions to yourself- who are your audience and what drives them? Are they working moms or perhaps college students? Both need a few sweet words of inspiration to keep going, but it still has to be tailored according to the ages of these two groups.
Creating email lists for solo ads yields a lot of profits in various forms quickly and keeps on doing so for a long time if it is utilized well. It is one of the cheapest but also one of the most beneficial forms of advertisement.

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